Cutting Board Fundamentals

If you are reading this you more than likely have at least one cutting board in your kitchen, but did you know that you should have at least two cutting boards. The first for your raw meats and the second for your produce and cooked meats. Personally I have a set of glass cutting boards for all of my meat need because they are non-porous so they will not absorb the juices from the meat or provide a place for bacteria to breed. Also they are very quick easy to clean between uses especially when preparing a large meal like Thanks Giving where you might be preparing cutting boardsmultiple proteins. For my produce I have a set of wooden cutting board they are porous so I would advise not use cutting anything that has a lot of liquid in it and never cut meat on a wood cutting board.

I like the wood cutting board because they look nice on the counter top but that is just personal preference. Also I have a very large glass cutting board that covers a large part of my countertop so that I can use it as a prep station that minimizes my use of other prep dishes and helps protect my counter. You can also use polyethylene plastic cutting boards they are inexpensive and easy to clean but I can’t recommend them because to me they don’t seem to hold up well nor do I think that look nice sitting on the counter. I really would highly recommend paying a little extra and getting at least two glass cutting boards.