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Where Should I Buy My Kitchen Tools

If you are on a budget and your number one priority is functionality (as it should be), I would recommend walking around your local restaurant supply store. There you will find everything that you need and while the products or not the prettiest they have been design and proven for all day cooking use and the prices at a supply store is typically around the same price you would pay for lower end kitchen tools.

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Amazon is also a good place to look especially if you already know what brand you are looking for and if not you can look at review and see the problem and suggestion of others who have bought that product and you can compare pricing all in one website. Remember what I have said never buy a knife that you haven’t help before. As far as knives go I got both of my santokus from Cost plus World Market. I enjoy the feel and look of them and they are a nice quality for the price. I would advise to stay away from certain store brand knives because they dull easy and are a pain to get to kitchen quality sharpness.

I hope that this has been a great help in your cooking adventures and remember a look of cooking is trial and error and the same goes for your kitchen tools as well. Just because one tool works well for one person doesn’t mean it is a one size fits all you have to find what works best for you.